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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are cells that can essentially turn into other types of cells. They’re sometimes called specialized cells because they each have their own task and can become whatever type of cell they need to. The ability of stem cells to transform into practically any cell in the body allows them to go where they’re needed in order to heal degenerated, unhealthy tissue that could be causing you pain.

These cells can become different organs and tissues in the body, including skin cells, cardiac (heart) tissue and nerve cells. They help the body continue to regenerate and heal itself, restoring its optimal function.

Stem cells are the main way the body repairs an injury. There are different types of stem cells, but mesenchymal cells (MSCs) provide an enhanced repairing and healing response to musculoskeletal and orthopedic injuries.

The wait was quite long (even though I showed up 20 minutes before my appointment time). Was seen over an hour after my appointment time. However, staff was quite friendly (particularly the front desk lady) and the environment is very calming and clean. The doctor was very direct and to the point, but at no time did I feel uncomfortable or awkward. Overall a good visit with improvements possible.

Amanda M
2 weeks ago

I am not patient of Dr. Moore. I saw her for a second opinion about a surgery. She was friendly and listened to all my concerns and reasons for the surgery. She was professional and genuine in her care of me for the brief visit. The office staff was also friendly.

Jonnie Larson
a year ago

If y'all are looking for an ObGYN, I saw Dr. Patricia Moore and was blown away by the amazing level of care I received. Easiest, best and most comfortable GYN visit I've ever had. Both her and her staff were friendly, open and helpful. She went above and beyond IMO and was very thorough with my medical history and helping me choose the best course for me. Highly recommend her!!

Lisa Phillippe
a year ago